Winterfield, Victoria

Introducing Winterfield Estate, Ballarat, in Victoria.


Winterfield – brings you the highest quality community environment with landscaped parks and gardens, proposed primary and secondary schools and a convenient location opposite the new Delacombe Town Centre!


Winterfield Estate is located in Winter Valley and is only 6kms to the Ballarat CBD!


New tenants are adding to the vibrant mix of retail and dining at Delacombe Town Centre where phase two of construction has begun. Positioned just opposite Winterfield, Delacombe Town Centre is Ballarat’s newest lifestyle destination.


It is not news to anyone that the Sydney and Melbourne property markets have been in decline and buyers are fleeing the big cities to more affordable locations to live. Brisbane is a benefactor of these new migrants but it is not translating to an increase in property prices.


Ballarat is welcoming a big influx of Melbourne buyers but that is only one of the reasons that the local property market is booming. It is at the beginning of the biggest infrastructure spending spree in it’s history. Tens of thousands of new jobs will be created in coming years in this region that already has one of Australia’s lowest unemployment and vacancy rates.


The Victorian Government started the property boom in Geelong a few years ago by reducing taxes and increasing First Home Owners Grant benefits in regional Victoria, but also from moving government employees from Melbourne to Geelong. The exact same dynamics are now in play in Ballarat with construction just commenced on GovHub. This development will house 1,000 government positions with 600 being moved from Melbourne.


The massive $460 Million expansion of The Ballarat Base Hospital will create around 1,300 jobs during construction and over 1,000 once completed – click here to read further.


Add to this the $53M for the Sovereign Hill upgrade, $50M for the emergency services hub, $103M has been dedicated to build 30 train carriages, $130M on rail upgrades, $155M on roads and $222M on education and training. Then there are the really big ticket items that will push growth for decades. The $10 Billion rail link to Melbourne Airport will not only give Ballarat residents fast access to the Airport but reduced travel times to Melbourne. There is also three massive wind farms being built in the region with investment of more than $3 Billion.


Terry Ryder believes the population will grow from just under 110,000 today to over 200,000 in 40 years. That is massive growth meaning there is huge demand for new housing. Unlike modern capital cities, most new residents will want to live in houses. So the majority of this growth will come from greenfield house and land estates. So as the years go by, new estates will be further and further away from the Ballarat CBD. So investing in one of the prime we allocated estates for under $500,000 today is very astute investing.


We have some fantastic soon-to-register house and land packages in the most attractive estate in Ballarat from only $449,900. The estate neighbours the expansive Delacombe Town Centre for all shopping needs. It will have its own primary and secondary schools, along with an expansive sports precinct, parks and water features.


Additionally, the developer provides a choice of six high quality landscaping packages for the front yard that is included in the land price. The end result will be the streetscape at Winterfield estate will be superior to any other estates in the region, which will attract premium buyers.