Giving Back

Property Finance Invest believes in giving back, helping those in need

Property Finance Invest has decided to support CBM Australia, by donating $500 from every completed property sale towards saving someone’s sight, on average it costs about $50 to save the sight of a person suffering from cataracts in some of the worlds poorest countries, it is our hope that this will assist many to remain independent by still being able to work and support their families.


Every day, CBM International is working in 65 countries around the world to transform lives. In 2014, CBM Australia worked directly in 18 of the poorest countries. Together, CBM globally seeks to empower people living with disability in the world’s poorest countries, transforming their lives and breaking down the barriers in their homes and communities that stop them from reaching their full potential.


In low income countries, people living with disability are often unable to access basic rights and services such as education and healthcare, and are often excluded from employment, and social and community activities.


Without these opportunities, people with disability and their families often fall deeper into poverty and become more vulnerable to further disability. Globally, CBM works to break this persistent cycle. Disability and poverty go hand in hand, so we tackle them together.


We are also aware that in times of emergency, people with disability are some of the most vulnerable. We therefore work to ensure they can access mainstream relief such as food, clean water and shelter, while also working with local relief organisations to make sure people with disabilities are included in disaster response planning and future relief efforts.


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